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Present Moment Awareness in High Performance Environments

Mindfulness (or present moment awareness) has become a popular topic in the field of mental health. Mindfulness skills can also be applied to high performance environments for improved physical performance. Below are some tips for applying mindfulness to high performance environments.

How Much Power are we Giving our Emotions?

Performing to your greatest capacity will undoubtly bring about a range of emotions. Indeed, the more importance you place on an event, the more intense your emotional experience is likely to be. The requirement to feel ‘confident’ to perform well is commonly held by many athletes. What if there was another way?

Adaptive Emotional Management Strategies for Injured Athletes

Injuries are an inextricable part of elite sport. Athletes can spend their entire careers working towards a goal of competing in a grand final or Olympic games, only to have their hopes dashed with the presence of an injury.
Here are five adaptive emotional management strategies to help you cope with an injury.

Creating a World Class Culture

World class performers thrive in a world class culture. A resilient performer can perform well in a compromised environment, however, even the most resilient individual will struggle to sustain this long-term. A world-class culture provides an enriched environment that allows for a result greater than what one person can achieve on their own.

Top 10 Tips for Performing Under Pressure

One of the major areas we work on with performers from different contexts is performing under pressure. So whether you are a business person, an athlete, performing artist or school student, here are our Top 10 Tips for performing under pressure.

How to maintain composure under pressure

Composure is your ability to maintain emotional control. In particular, it is about being able to regulate your emotions and control your actions when the brain wants to shift into the fight or flight response and instinctively react to a situation, often in a way that limits your options.

Stay Fresh

Negative stress, staleness and burnout are becoming increasingly common in athletes, business people, students and performers as the demands from society are getting higher and higher.