About LIFT High Performance Consultants.

A new approach to performance psychology

LIFT High Performance Consultants (HPC) are a team of highly skilled professionals and performers who use the latest research in neuroscience, sport and performance psychology and sports medicine to help you to reach your performance potential in sport, business, performing arts, academia or everyday life.

LIFT HPC was born out of a desire to bring something new to the performance industry with unique collaborations and projects, and we have combined forces with a range of elite performers to understand what makes them great and to make these strategies accessible to any performer.

Who we are

The team is led by endorsed Sport and Exercise Psychologists, who use the latest evidence in neuroscience and human behaviour to inform their practice and develop individualised training programs appropriate for you or your team.

LIFT HPC services cater for people from all walks of life and levels of performance, lending truth to the statement, everyone needs a LIFT!

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